Krol Zamku Ornament
Krol Zamku Ornament
Krol Zamku Ornament
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Krol Zamku Ornament

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The Krol Zamku Story

Krol Zamku is our mouse king of Polish descent.
He is all that a king should hope to represent.
A leader who is gentle, wise, fair and ever present,
he is also unpretentious, has no throne, and rules by consensus.
He rewards all good deeds be they small or momentous,
and grants the birthday wishes of all his subjects.
This mouse lives by the tenets of hope, faith and charity,
which has won his people’s hearts, support and loyalty.
Everyone in his kingdom lives simply and merrily in harmony.
On his coronation day his unique style of rule commenced,
when he declared every day to be a special event.
Since the first day he was crowned,
at each twilight he asks all in the land to gather round.
Krol Zamku lights the country’s tree,
following with a decree to end the day together in revelry.
Then the evening’s activities commence,
filled with song, feast, and dance.
Before the night ends, to randomly selected lucky recipients,
he presents an overflowing carriage full of presents.
After all the festivities, everyone contentedly floats off to their reveries,
looking forward to the next day’s possibilities.
Krol Zamku ends each day on bended knee,
thanking God for the country’s health and prosperity,
whilst praying for the same for all posterity

  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Glittered and Decorated in Poland
  • Hand Blown Glass Mouse King Christmas Ornament Decoration
  • Unique Whimsical Hand Painted Holiday Decor Mouse Ornament
  • Special Collectible Decorated Red Robe Mouse King Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Nutcracker Mouse King Holding a Scroll and Scepter
  • 6″